• I can hear you screaming,
    I know just how you're feeling,
    I can hear them calling you all these names,
    Emo, goth, Loser, Fool,
    But they just don't know, we're all the same.
    Labels are what they are my friend,
    Someday the names will end,
    The truth is they're scared of you,
    You're differen't from them,
    They say you can't smile,
    But they're wrong.
    Because you can.
    Different is good,
    Just like the way it should.
    It's not the end of the world,
    When they gang up on you,
    There are others who are far worse off than you,
    Perhaps there's something you can do.
    It's not so good to be the same,
    Than I think life would be pretty plain !
    You say you don't care,
    But, that's a lie,
    So don't you dare.
    Saying that to yourself, scares you the most.
    You're afraid of yourself.
    You've become a ghost,
    In the mirror,
    Your reflection disapears.
    In the mirror,
    You're vision is unclear.
    You're fogging up the image with your fear.
    I can hear you screaming,
    I know just how you're feeling.
    Inside is where your pain will stay,
    Not on your arms,
    Inside your head.
    Inside is where it will always stay.
    Perhaps it will go away one day.
    Find another way to get your feelings out.
    Don't hold all those screams inside,
    It's slowly killing your mind,
    I can hear you.
    I can hear you screaming.
    I can help you manage the pain will disapear,
    Right with that last tear.
    It's all right now,
    This is the last night you spend alone,
    You have friends now.
    What a wonderful sound I hear.
    I can't hear you screaming,
    What a wonderful feeling.
    You're not dead, my friend,
    Remember it's all in your head.
    Someday you'll see ,
    All the things you can be,
    Don't walk away,
    Find but one reason to stay,
    Leave out all the rest,
    Hold on to that reason,
    It will help you I know,
    But perhaps I just don't want to see you go.
    How odd.
    Your screams have stopped.
    I cannot hear you anymore.
    I can't hear you screaming,
    What a wonderful feeling...