• For you.
    Im sorry.
    im sorry for the things ive said
    im sorry for the sorries said
    im sorry that I hurt your heart
    I wish I would’ve stopped before start.
    im sorry I couldn’t control my moods
    im sorry that your pride was bruised.
    im sorry for the tears that you shed
    over me ,youd rather me dead
    im sorry that you wasted life
    on my soul that couldn’t shed light
    im sorry that I made your eyes
    freeze up like late winters ice
    im sorry that I broke your heart
    im sorry…
    im sorry that you fell in love with me
    instead of her,she made you see
    what u missed all along
    im sorry that sooner,was two years long.
    im glad your happy
    I hope your life is well spent
    im sorry but ill never forget.
    all the time that we had spent
    I cant.
    my memory is strong and clear
    I wish I could wash away the tears
    this poems for you
    but remember this too:
    you hurt me.just like I hurt you.