• Take my hand, through the dark of the storm,
    Hear my call, the old and the worn.
    I've heard the cruel words, I've felt the harsh blows.
    I've seen the hurt, the fear, the deepest of woes.

    Pillars of light, we stand in the dusk.
    Resisting the thunder and life's wearing rust.
    Spread thy wings, strong knights of the few,
    For when evil meets us, it's a day it shall rue.

    My eyes turn from none, I shall not stay my hand,
    To my own beat I walk, not the drum of the land.
    To heal is my gift, my duty to fight,
    To defend all those noble, from their fears and their plights.

    To our path, we lead none,
    Yet our deeds remain done,
    Lighting only our candles, to lighten the load,
    In hope that the others will see the bright road.