• Brother, dear brother

    come home from the fight

    Brother, dear brother

    This cold winter night.

    Brave soldier within me

    Grant me your honor, your bravery, your power and strength.

    I'm following your footsteps, like I promised that day.

    Now there's nothing I can do.

    But still I ask why.

    Brother, why did you have to die?

    Up in the heavens, I'll make you proud someday.

    To see me in those blues, I know what you'd say.

    "That's my brave little soldier!" You'd say with that smile.

    That smile I remember... Every once in a while.

    I see you everyday, when I look in the mirror.

    We have our father's eyes, Mom would always say.

    I remember now...

    That colossal C-130 that brought you home.

    A casket, your casket.

    I saw you one last time that day.

    You looked so peaceful.

    That day, I heard God speak to you:

    He said "Rest now Marine, for you have served your time in hell."

    I gently kissed your forehead, and soluted you.

    "Semper Fi" I spoke, as you were carried in front of me.

    Draped over your mohogany casket was a flag.

    The three, proud colors of the country you died for.

    Red, white and blue.

    Brother, dear brother

    I miss you so.

    I will fight for your honor.

    So tell me how I did when I get there.

    MCJROTC Cpl. Kaitlyn Craig
    2nd year 2nd Squad Leader