• I thrash in my nightmare,
    I fight what is the inevitable,
    I hurt for an unescapable cause.
    It hurts when I think of you,
    It hurts when I can still see your face,
    The face that wasn't distorted from trauma.
    I heard that you thought about me,
    And asked to see me too.
    That day I knew that I did love you too.
    A love unbreakable,
    But was not a romantic love,
    This was a love that was friendly.
    So once again I still remember that night,
    The wishes I made to have you at sight.
    My eyes fled with tears,
    My pleading cries sailed out of my mouth,
    But that did nothing for what I hoped it would.
    I want you back more than ever,
    And I feel weak and hopeless when I remember,
    Remember why I cant bring you back.
    Your gone for good am I not correct?
    I thrash, thrash, thrash.
    I can still remember every detail that lit your face,
    Your gone.
    So I thrash in my nightmare and soon to see,
    It's not a nightmare,
    But a heavenly gift from you to me.
    1994-2008 I love you Chris, forever and ever. R.I.P God rest your soul.