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  • Artist Info: Ello there I'm China...yeah yeah weird name I know<br />
    Anyways....I'm a 15 year old junior in high school. I live in Santa Cruz, California (google it!), and I love the beach, reading, music, writing, chillin' with friends, food, and basically enjoying life<br />
    I hate having braces but hopefully they'll be off in a few months, as long as things stay on schedule<br />
    I love books and music to the point that I would consider them essential to my life<br />
    I'm bi...if u have a problem with that I have a problem with u<br />
    I'm also a vegetarian<br />
    I'm really crazy so...consider yourself warned<br />
    PM me if there's anything else u want to know....oh and I love hugs ^^<br />
    o O cya later...<br />
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