• From my chamber hut, i awaken. With aches of pains, how i wish i never waken. The piddle of the blackest rain, wondering how i keep all my sane. I look out the tainted window with haunting memories, of life and death theories, Nightmare after night about the haunting memories, of life and death theories. Peeping outside as if i was a guard, noticing a black shadow not as far.. I wounder, ' Should this be the man sent to end my nightmares? Maybe the one to end my day-mares? ' I no longer peep, knowing the man in black, did not weep. Feeling an unholy presence, i gaze at the death essence.

    Have skin pale, pale as paper, paler have i not seen this, though thus knew was a raper, i gaze at the man in black, under his very black hat, without thought, we engaged in a little chat. A Chat, about a boy and his hat. A hat of haunting secrets, we continued to chat. Fearing something in the man in black would stop the chat. The chatter, of the voice with no shatter, rather, speak his emotions to not let them scatter. Have i seen this man in a dream, he isn't mean, nor a pretty scene. I would of remember the man in black, with a black haunting hat, knowing his voice in our chat.

    The man pause, ridiculed by words such as ' Dead Walls. ' A nightmare i had, of dead walls with a lad. His name was Will, short for William, badgering on about how he can no longer see Phil, growing tired of his rhyming friends such as Bill, Gil, and Phil. I growing tiresome and take one pill. ' Pill. ' I sigh. ' Pill Pill! Rhymes with Will, Phil Gil, and Bill! ' I laughed, he looked at me, with nonrecognition eyes i see. Blood shot and frightening, i awake from my slumbering, from that day, no more wondering.

    The man in black was still sitting. Relaxed as i stood there knowing my dumbness is filling. I sit on my bed, ' relax ' said the man. I seized his words and became content, as the noise outside continued to torment. The rain grew louder every minute. Piddle, paddle, paddle, piddle. My eyes shifted right, left, left right, at the night. The man was gone, as soon as i reached for my toy pawn. The pawn, which i named Shawn, had many importance to my life in this soil lawn. Finding the pawn toy outside in the dawn, i liked how his looked. So old and so frail, defecate, from a chess box, i knew which was a pawn.

    I felt the essence, the man in black was presence. I gaze at wonder, not knowing my eyes would plunder. I knew the man in black had a secret in his backpack. Enlighten with unholy gods of hell, hearing the words that made no sense to tell. I reach for the backpack, noticing the man in black, insistently attack. A Punch! Kick! The man was strict! I began to feel sick! The man looked up at my face, of which was red and green mixed, my thoughts erase, my stomach fixed. ' Here me not! ' Said the man in black. ' What lies here never to be tell to you, shown you you, not a look, nor a feeling, nor a trick. ' The man thrown the bag-pack, out the window, where it still had all stitches in tact. " Ask me this, who are you? " I cower. Begging for my life to be lived until i die happily ever. " A man in black.. " Said thee, as he rushed out the window, and ran out the gate to be free. Taking the backpack, the man in black, in a black hat, was soon gone, no more chat~

    The next day i awaken. But not in my room, i was taken. Snatched from my own chamber hut, devious not, had i not knew about this plot. I would've guessed the man in black taken me in into this strange but feint smelling hut. I notice a window not for beyond my reach, as soon as i got for freedom, the man came, my soul was leeched. The man wasn't wearing black today, but still had the very blacken backpack, i tried to wounder what was in the pack. The man looks at me, very unnatural and unholy, eyes fueling fire, ember away at the light of holy. Eyes of hell's demons, wrought memories of shadow remains. The man grinned at spoke the words ' Have thee heard about the messenger of death? ' poring a glass of hot green tea. ' No i have not. ' Said I, still wondering who is this very guy. We continued our chat, as if he was a Raven speaking to me, the bat. He spoke the words, Crow. I thought the crow was death, nor did i thought it was the messenger of death, of which, i became fascinated and listened as i stay low.

    Speaking words of ' Blood Hatred and Invigoration, ' i remember those words as a crucifix once said, words that brings forth total damnation. ' Use these words and to liberate the hell-hound, Cerberus. ' Cerberus..the hound of the devil, a three headed beast of evil. I was known to draw pictures of the beast at the time, but never really met a real one, afraid that i might bin with him, this hellish K9. ' To awaken is to set free. Rebirth him during the omnipresent of preparation, in the outskirts of northern Russia, where he will see the temptation, to murder and feed, allow him to unleash a new breed! ' Quoted the man. During the Omnipresent of Preparation, never thought this ever existed, though thought it would be farther that i had expected. I Decline his sacrilegious offering, thinking that he bring forth another prophesy. He faded like a cigarette ash, i returned to my hut where it seem to have crashed. Sighing again, cleaning every article, corner to corner, knowing that the man in black, his quote, his prophesy wasn't over.