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  • Artist Info: " Without love, friends, food, and light. Some people are spiteful, some are very enmity, and even malevolent, but there are some benevolence in that person. It may as well be hidden. Deep within a fallen abyss. Their hearts are forever adusted to the way of their corrupted behavior. Doesn't mean you should loathe them. Your abhorrence will just succeed you in the end of time. "<br />
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    I am Kibasune Detariu. Divine Rapier Master of the East. I am a near 42,000 years of age, and i look just 23. I hail from the darkest of the eternal malevolence that is Narsuar. I am half-wolf. I don't have much super-natural power, for I am nothing but an assassin. I am the brother of Arashi, Margaret, and Karysoku. <br />
    I am quite serious at times and will NOT accept any invitations at randomly. I must get to know you to accept you. I am not always firm and strict for I can be random and fun.<br />
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    The Creator of Kibasune.<br />
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    Hello, I am Jonathan W. Reitnauer. I am 16 years of age and I live in New Jersey. I am a skilled musician of the guitar, violin, turntables, bass guitar, and piano. I am as well a poet of angsty. I have written many poems such as ' Eternal Doom, End me, Star gaze. 1st about love, The Man ' and more. I am also an artist. That is all, please enjoy my profile.
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