• My tears
    They dont fall like normal
    They crash and burn
    Like little hot needles
    Pricking you until you are numb, burning your skin

    Arent you glad?
    Your numb now
    You cant feel a thing
    You cannot suffer from the pain
    The anger that has overcome you
    Or the feeling of death trickling down your spin

    A couple drops fall
    A fountain crashs
    The blood keeps pouring
    Its uncontrollable
    It is above your height
    You are drowning
    You can feel the warm red liquid filling your body
    Blocking your lungs from breathing

    Little bit of brightness
    I shall walk towards you
    The real world
    No no i did not want to come back to this place
    This horrible place i musn't be tortured
    I wont be hurt again
    Oh small light take me back

    I wont, no I wont stay
    Please, please take me back
    To that little world
    Where i could not feel pain
    Where i was numb and didnt have any feelings
    I want to go anywhere but here

    Left like an abandoned baby
    A person left in the dark
    No one there to save me
    Darkness is the one thing i cant avoid
    No matter how hard i try it hunts me down like an animal
    Tears and blood, are all drowning me
    Pain, anger and death are the thing i dont want to feel
    Wont you help me?
    too late