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    ehm -cough-<br />
    well first my name is lepruchaun scotty<br />
    please call me nash or nashy at the moment<br />
    im about 103 years old<br />
    im 5'0 i know im a midget but i like my fuzziness<br />
    Im bi which means i go both ways of the rainbows 8D<br />
    i live in a far of land where unicorns and black and white rainbows are<br />
    Life confuzzles me<br />
    hm well i love toast and monster <br />
    i wish to have babies with YOU ALL <br />
    erm i am a skater chick still in the learning process<br />
    i can ollie, shuvit with one foot and manual, besides riding<br />
    i listen to rock, screamo, some metal, rap is somewhat okays, and techno's the shizznizz fucker<br />
    i hate posers<br />
    if your a poser<br />
    i'll most likely slap you, punch you in your face as hard as i can, wrap my fuzzy blanket around your neck and strangle you untl u start coughung up banana's and peanuts kays?<br />
    For monster i've cut down to once a month<br />
    so i dun die as quickly<br />
    i know i'll have a heart attack one day <br />
    here in my corner filled with scented candles and purple clouds<br />
    Things i love<br />
    -monster<br />
    -toast<br />
    -ramen noodles<br />
    -Reesey<br />
    -Anthony<br />
    -and every other whore out thar<br />
    -sharp objects<br />
    -tape<br />
    -chocolate milk<br />
    -skittles<br />
    -the number blue<br />
    -neon lights<br />
    -music<br />
    -walking in the rain(summer only)<br />
    <br />
    things i hate<br />
    -posers<br />
    -most veggies raw<br />
    -meanies<br />
    -snow<br />
    -bright lights on my face <br />
    -that bright barbie pink<br />
    -barbies<br />
    -the cold<br />
    -swimming because i drown<br />
    -love because it always hurts in the end<br />
    friggin finally i have a lover<br />
    he's the love of my life and the huuge reason why i get up in the morning<br />
    i plan to have his fudgin babies mkay<br />
    i love you anthony~♥<br />
    well im done <br />
    i'll be off to my land of unicorns and color blind rainbows<br />
    User Image<br />
    User Image<br />
    User Image<br />
    User Image<br />
    User Image<br />
    i dun have any makeup on nor is my hair done<br />
    this is me all natural Dx<br />
    User Image<br />
    random pms and comments are wicked<br />
    i love those shits....please do em as often as u can<br />
    <br />
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