• For when I first saw you
    I was oblivious of what i saw
    Just a normal kid,
    Who looked like everyone with flaws
    But when I look closer
    And peer into your eyes
    I see the pain and stuggle through your families lives
    You've over come many obstacles
    And for that I adore you
    My feelings still going strong
    I could be myself around you
    I would not be criticized
    And I loved to be around you
    And see life through your eyes
    When the summer finaly ended
    And we went our seperate ways
    I was sure to see you
    In other later days
    For now you've moved away
    My heart still tourn from sadness
    I hope to keep in touch
    And hear your silly madness
    I hope you visit soon
    And come watch me from a distance
    But until then
    I'll be my only witness