• Children’s fears
    A child stands in the streets.
    A gun rests on his shoulder.
    He shivers as he hears another round of gunshots closer then before.
    He remembers when they came to his house.
    They broke down his door and dragged him out.
    And whispers threats into his ear about what will happen if he doesn’t listen.
    Now he’s in uniforms, and is carrying a gun.
    He doesn’t know how or want to use.
    He tries to be brave, but tears run down his young face.
    “Please someone help me” he whispers.
    A group of enemy soliders charge around the corner.
    Before the boy could react, a bullet hits his arm.
    Six more burry themselves into the body as he falls.
    His life runs out of his body with his blood.
    His face changes and lying on the ground is your son, your brother, your cousin, your nephew.
    He’s shape changes and lying on the ground is your daughter, your sister, your niece.
    A child who has not yet found true love,
    Is now lying on the ground dead.
    And you could have saved it.
    Picture your child in the future or now, in war, before them themselves as had a child.
    Image them lying on the ground, dead.
    That what some people have to do.
    You could help stop it.
    Raise child-solider awareness.