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  • Artist Info: EEllllllllooooooWW~~!~~ ^-^<br />
    i am Susan~~I am an Evil Cookie Monster ^.^ xxD X3<br />
    I Love C heart heart kies =O ;D<br />
    I Love All My FriendSS. =)<br />
    I am natrually hyper ;P<br />
    All Animals Rock ;O<br />
    I'm SoOoo Against racist B@stards!! &gt;=O<br />
    I like poetry =)<br />
    People that don't know how to be a good person,I don't give a sh!t to who they are,what they are,what they dou D; Unless your my mom/dad ._.''<br />
    Living life with Only love-Is Better then Living life with Hate =3<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    ther~~~~~~ pm meh =P or add comment &gt;=)<br />
    Take Care ^-^
    <br />
    V~~~~V___________Please_Visit_____________ V~~~~~V<br />
    (Visit My Journal and add comment if you have time,please xD xD)<br />
    <br />
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