• Here in this room
    Four walls and a door
    Cold air seeps through all the cracks
    Could you take any of it back?
    Is a house a home?
    Not without you it isn't...

    White lights blinding me, slowly driving me away
    Tied to this bed
    Where we once lay
    Open window, shadows ooze through, riding the breeze
    Stars shining in the cracked mirror landscape
    You left me with such ease
    Before it even had a chance, you threw it away
    Threw me away

    Doorhandle slowly turns
    I look up through my spilling tears
    Only to be disappointed
    As my hope slowly burns
    Just another faceless person
    More meaningless words

    Cold hard hands welcoming me down
    Promising me you
    Could it be that my sanity, my heart, that I
    Have lost?

    I see a glimpse of you clinging to the murky glass
    Just say this longing will pass
    Needing, constantly to feel your touch
    Curtains dance about the windowpanes like those seen last
    Flowers swaying on the dry ground below
    As the rain desends throught the night's steely clutch

    Staring out the window
    Is it you that I see?
    Or just another crazed memory