• the air gets thin, almost no oxygen to breathe
    I feel dizzy, what's wrong with me?
    can I stop this feeling before it's too late?

    It's controlling me, overloading my thoughts.
    Memory failure, the brain shuts down.
    Movement halted, muscles severed.

    Kept on life support to live the horror of a half-life.
    The torture's too much, please... someone pull the plug.
    I don't want to suffer anymore

    Send me to the light, I want to see my loved ones...
    I want to get away from this war that tears us all apart.
    I want... I want to be free...

    Can someone, anyone hear my screams?
    Am I mute? Are they deaf? What's going on?
    I can't hear myself, What happened to me?

    Then it dawned on me, could this be Hell?
    The eternal suffering of total damnation?
    I must be dead... But, I'm still thinking...

    I want to know... What happened to me?