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Everyone is crying, I just want to scream stop,just stop. I have had enough tears for ten life times I don't want anymore. Tear stream down my face as old memories are remembered. I'm so tired of it of all of it. I just want to sleep and not have to get up. Everyone who knows me loves me. I'm always happy and funny. What if they all know that that isn't me,well not all of me anyway. I'm not who they think. They don't know. Noone really knows, noone really knows me. I wish there was someone who i could show my true self,but thats to much to ask for. Noone knows me and noone ever will, because noone wants to see,feel,know, or even hear about pain. So my wish goes ungranted and no body knows. I'm an Unknown.
God I don't know whats wrong with me lately I just feel so mad at everyone. It is not like me at all and I don't like being so angry at everything this really sucks. I kinda just wish this summer was over already. Its sucked so far and this year I'm hopping will be okay. BLAHHHHK!!!!!!!

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