• Have to shop here.
    Can't shop there.
    Have to dress like this.
    Can't dress like that.
    Have to like this band.
    Can't like that band.
    Have to watch this show.
    Can't watch that show.
    Have to have your hair like this.
    Can't have your hair like that.
    Have to like him.
    Can't like him.
    Have to like this movie.
    Can't like that movie.
    Have to hang out with these people.
    Can't hang out those people.
    Have to like this.
    Can't like that.
    Have to do this.
    Can't do that.
    Have to, have to.
    Can't, can't, can't.
    But why, who says so?
    Why that one specific person?
    What gives that person this control over everyone?
    And why does everyone follow that person?
    Especially if everyone hates that person.
    Where is the real you when you follow all these "rules" ?

    Popularity is overrated.