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Deanne's FairyTales
Just a bunch of crap, not worthy to check out really.. just check out my artist gallery if you want to see what kind of writer I really am.. BTW Im really called Azze, so don't get confused -azaleea, formerly known as Deeanna
a boy named dic(k)..
Hey everyone! Azze is back.. sorry but I was quite busy lately.. Anywaaayyy I just read the most HILARIOUS story ever.. I mean there’s like a boy in my class. His name is d**k. He is a show-off, dandy-handy girly man who how-the heck can make all girls in class (except me) pays attention to his pathetic eyes and stories.

His father died in a car crash when he was quite little and everytime me or my friends talk abot our fathers (which we may do sometimes, for example like “OMG my dad won’t let me go to Zoe’s sleepover!” or whatelse) d**k always comes to our circle and with his pathetic eyes “I miss my dad…” and all the girls would go “Oh.. poor you..hey cutie, I’m sorry..” or some sorts of stuff, then d**k will come blabbering about his dad’s accident. “I was only four years old then, My mommy came down to hug me after she answered the phone…” blah blah blah.. It’s always the same story. I can’t understand how the girls are soo paying attention to him like he lost his dad just yesterday. UUGH…

And what I hate about him more is he shows off when he likes a girl.. OOHH come on!! What kind of boy does that?? A boy is supposed to be real cool when it comes to girls not like showing off and saying her name out loud in class and like UUGH I hate him so much. Noo, it’s not that I’m jealous of him.. I just hate seeing boys doing that. Even if he shouts out MY name in class, even if he likes ME instead of the girl. I would not, so absolutely not be flattered by him . I would be SO EMBARRASSED… R U not??

d**k.d**k.. I can’t understand what the hell is going wrong in your head,,, huhh… God, Please bless all the girls that was once, or now is his crush. Please help them with their embarassment and horror, and freaks out. AMEN.

Oh yeaah.. once, I checked out his blog because everyone was talking about it. I didn’t care about it at first, but why not see a little comedy? When I checked it out, it was O MY GOSH

He’s writing something, like a fairytale of something (OMG how gay can you get d**k??) and he’s like..he’s like… sooo thinking thet he could write…!!! What the heck are you show-off ing?? I could write a hundred times better than you!!

Not that I’m showing off also,, but i really consider myself as a writer. I write since I was like 10 years old… aand.. yeaah.. His writing?? It’s like too UUGh… He thinks that he can write!!! And what I hate are the comments my friends (escpecially those girls) in that blog.. “OMG d**k.. I didn’t know you could write so well..”

AARGHH yea rite.. His writing is really good. I mean his writing is a really good entertainment..Really.. Now I don’t have to go to my fav humor website to get my stress off! His writing is really really HILARIOUS!!

Oh well.. If I continue to write.. The next thing that I’m gonna find is me carrying a gun to his house to kill him..

uh.. for everybody’s safety… uhh..


Trust.. hmm
My teachers has just been mad to my class because we didn’t keep the trust she gave. Well actually it’s only some of us, and it’s (Thank God) not including me, because I could very well be in that problem also, and no way I don’t want it. I don’t want to talk about that problem, I want to talk about trust..

It’s not that I’m being very mature and wise, but now I am (Okay, now I am very weird also). I’m very doubtful that my teacher would see this. I want to talk as stupid as free as I can of what I think of trust.

Getting trust is responsibility

Giving trust is believing

Trust is when you risk a part of you to be taken care by someone else, and you believe that it will be taken care of very well.

Trust is risk taking, actually, what can I say more?

To lose trust is easy

To get one back is 10 times harder

Trust.. it really means faith…

-If it gets dark enough, the stars will appear...---

My friend.. The horse (No, I’m not talking about my horse)
Azze here, now I want to tell you some secret. Okay? I am not one of the most popular in school I used to be in the bottom, but now it’s the past.. yea.. I have a friend. She used to be a good friend of mine. her name is Klarabella. Okay her name may sound like that female horse, mickey mouses’ friend. But.. yea.. hahaha… She is very unpopular in school because she is quite wierd and talkative and quite a ‘bad’ girl. Even though I used to be her friend in the past but now I feel like I don’t want her to be my friend anymore because I don’t like her personality. And most of the times we don;t connect when we talk. Plus that she is now unpopular, I became more uncomfortable to her. Not because I do not want to be friends with her because she is unpopular and I am so popular. No! absolutely no. It is because I’m somehow in the fine line between unpopular and neutral (which maybe now becomes more to neutral.. but it can change anytime..!) and me making friends with someone very unpopular like her could really make me unpopular.. Like do you understand?? I hope you do..

So anyway, while we are on free time, we went to other classes (our class is a moving class, so you could really go anywhere). I was in class A with Karla. There is also Adrienne, Cecilia and Gemma. They are all the most popular girl, at least in our grade. Actually their gang is bigger and very strong and popular. What they do is tease and bully unpopular people especially those who don’t have a friend at all. 2 words: THEY SUCK.

Anyway, while I was sitting beside them. Since I’m a ‘neutral’ I could sit beside them and talk with them a little. They were teasing Karla. They said she’s a horse because of her name and because she smells like one. They are very mean, well, very very mean. Karla was siting behind. She just look down and maybe holding her tears. I didn’t say anything. I can’t afford to look at her. I know they were very mean and I know that Karla is my friend, even though I don’t really like her. But I can’t do anything. I’m just afraid of them and I’m afraid I could become bullied by them again and I would suffer again. I can’t do anything, I feel sorry for Karla but I’m too afraid..

It feels kinda bad… Between doing what’s right and what’s wrong, what will kill you, and what kills you really inside.. I mean.. yeah..

I think that’s all i want to say.. TTFN…


About Azze…

Im Azaleea Abelinda. You can call me Azze, Azza, or Leah. But most people calls me Azze.

Azze is:
A horse riding athlete (and freak)
An internet addict
A writer
(so hard trying not to be) A perfectionist
A dreamer
A dork
but mostly
An extraordinary Teen!

Lives in a big family. with older sister Arabelle and younger sister Alisha, and 2 twin, clown, hyper brothers Gerry and Giulio. Chaos! Loves to gossip with her sisters every night. Loves to talk and share and meet new people. Meeting new people, hanging out. But in some times, I can be very shy...

I suck in sports (except horse riding) and I suck in art... Suck in music (except maybe in vocals), I write songs but cannot play them...

I am a writer, a daydreamer, and a thinker. Sometimes I can look like a show-offer when I don't really mean to be...

I can be a wierdo, an enemy, a best friend, a sweetheart, or just some girl strolling around the hall that you would never really notice..

Well, sometimes I'm just really over-confident. Which sometimes leads to being a freak.

Community Member
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