• Last leaves of autumn...

    The coldness comforts you.
    Sit alone now, and watch
    As others walk past.

    The sundown from that hill
    Black birds flying by...
    The last memory
    Of a beautiful day.

    The warm hand interrupts
    Winter's embrace...
    You smile because
    It will never exist...

    The cold will be bitter,
    The night will sting.
    And there will never be
    The most important thing...
    Only fragments of shadows
    And scents that will linger
    In order to haunt you
    And watch you shed tears.

    Once again in the soft black clouds,
    As together you are one
    And all at once you are
    All but pitiful.

    Leaves, wave goodbye as you go.
    And I'll wave too
    Please, just for a moment...
    I wish my passing
    Could be as beautiful as yours.