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  • Artist Info: Hi! Well, if you're reading this then you obviously want to know more about me.<br />
    I've been told that i'm a nerd because i get good grades, i'm in advanced math and Language Arts, and pretty much all i do is read books. My favorite authors are, Nora Roberts, Heather Graham and recently Stephanie Meyer. My favorite book of all time is Twilight by Stephanie Meyer.<br />
    My favorite activities (besides reading) are, hanging out with my friends, listening to music, and writing.<br />
    Now i can't choose what my favorite band is but it would either have to be Fazeshift or Metallica but i really don't have one preferance in music it just depends on the song whether i like it or not.<br />
    I LOVE to write poems. My favorite poet is,of course, Emily Dickinson but i'm also a fan of Walt Whitman.<br />
    I also write short stories for Power of the Pen (a short stories writing competition).<br />
    I also love to sing. I'm told i'm pretty good but who really knows?<br />
    When i graduate my plans are to go to college where i'll get a teaching degree then i'll teach while saving up money to go to school to become a phyciotrist(probably spelled that wrong). Well after that i plan on getting married and having two kids, my first son will probably be named after his father and my first daughter will be named either Moyra Lynn or Canace Leanne. (I know you all think that i'm a freak for having this planned out allready consdering i'm only 14 but i like to plan ahead.) From then on i wish to own a boarding school for troubled teenage girls. Now I realize this all might not happen but a girl can dream right?<br />
    Well, that's all i'm going to say but i might change this from time to time. Bye-bye now!!!
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