• Remembrance of Sorrow Love

    Got a pocket full of sunshine.
    Taking away broken love that is mine.
    Empty memories full of loss
    A tide of sadness I will never get across.

    Just a tad bit over my head.
    Waiting for my time, until I'm dead.
    I've got enough time, enough to cry.
    I will fear love, until I die.

    Interlock my fingers and tell me a beautiful lie.
    An empty soul-less thing you, left to cry.
    I am ready to murder your soul.
    How long until I can wait to feel whole?

    So young I am, so young enough to laugh.
    A forgotten piece, that's only half.
    A song sung by an angst of joys.
    For all the little girls and boys.

    Tell me there is someone out there.
    That will melt with the moon, and break the despair.
    Hopeless night of nights, tell me you will find someone.
    Rushing to my aid when I become undone.

    I will cry through the window to a moon of no face.
    Until tear marks burn my eyes with memories I cannot erase.
    I attempted love like suicide, but all along I knew.
    That dreams in fairytales...

    Don't come true. . .