• "Live like you were dying."
    That sounds so nice, doesn't it.
    So brave and sentimental.
    I'm tired of hearing it though,
    because it's a lie.
    Dying isn't some romanticized movie or song,
    Where you get to do what you want.
    Dying is an old woman alone in her house
    Waiting for that never-coming call from her family.
    Dying is a man of twenty-two.
    Wasting away,
    Rotting from the inside out,
    Becuase when he was sixteen he wasn't careful.
    Because he thought he was immortal.
    Dying is a hospital, where a man either writhes in agony,
    Or is so dopped up that his once brilliant mind,
    Can't see his children arguing over his money,
    Wishing he'd just die.
    While his grandchildren watched and learned.
    Dying is a little boy,
    Alone as the bombs explode around him,
    as his world is destroyed.
    Dying is a little girl whose body attacked her.
    An alien in her own skin.
    Who has everything to live for and no way to do it.
    So don't tell people to live like they were dying.
    It's cruel, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.
    Live like you want to keep on living.