My other Poem (I don't know what to title it yet if anyone has an Idea please tell me)

I once looked at you with such trust,
But now I look at you with disgust,
You told me of your hate,
You can't take it back for it's too late.
You were always above me,
Always said you loved me,
I tried for you,
I'd even dare to die for you,
I let you down,
So you let me drown,
Into the dark abyss,
You showed your bitterness.
You say things that hurt so bad,
And left me sitting here so sad.
You told me lies,
Didn't care if I cried,
I am still wondering why.
You took everything from me,
And looked for how to make me miserable,
Right now I wish I was invisible.
All I have left to say is that I tried,
And all you did is let me die,
Now I say goodbye.
As I fell,
Knowing there is no heaven in this hell.