The Quiet One, there he sits
    His mind wanders the world
    From the sea to the sky
    What is he thinking?

    Never said a word
    Always kept to himself
    Sits alone, concentrating
    Why is it so unnerving?

    The others, they don't know
    The battles he faces
    With his own memories
    Why won't they let him be?

    With his eyes wide open
    The world is collapsed
    In his line of sight
    Will the pain ever end?

    All those he loved
    Fell dead before him
    What matters is now gone
    So what does it matter?

    They still left him
    To his own thoughts
    They had their chance
    So where is he now?

    The Quiet One, there he stands
    Atop the highest cliff
    Where below lies his destiny
    Is the pain that deep?

    His spirit is gone
    It rests with the underworld
    If you know a Quiet One...
    Won't you talk to him?