• ~Descriptions~
    Artistic creation
    Seductive persuasion
    if i didn't know better I'd think you were part Asian
    eyes piercing my own
    the breath you are taking
    is of that of my own body and being
    i can't believe what my eyes are seeing
    before me
    like a kid about to get something he waited for
    this is torture for me
    and i still can't believe
    such a magnificent beauty is placed before i
    its like god knew what i wanted
    it is all a big surprise
    her looks uncanny
    her wants so demanding
    her body so curvy
    i'm having problem wording
    i'm beginning to loose patience
    going crazy like a patient
    i'm waiting longing
    for the right time to approach her
    so baffled that i may just lose her
    no not yet she's still in my sight
    who knows she may be with me after tonight