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  • Artist Info: i am hyper <br />
    love my weird friends<br />
    break out laughing when the room is silent due to somtin that happened yesterday <br />
    hate dresses<br />
    sings a lot <br />
    has many odd friends <br />
    loves 2 be random cause its what makes me<br />
    can always use more friends<br />
    burst into song sumtime <br />
    music makes up 99.99% of my life <br />
    love to party like a poptart<br />
    quotes many songs so u might wanna pay attention to what i say<br />
    hates gossip and rumors if its not true then there is no need to say it right?<br />
    been through many things making me the person u c standing b4 u 2day<br />
    i have many pets (not gonna go into detail)<br />
    hates people who follow the crowd b urself and u get far more in life<br />
    misses my friends really easily<br />
    hates fighting with my freinds<br />
    i dont like fighting but if ne one messes with my friends i will mess them up<br />
    been kno 2 do some pretty craz shiz<br />
    ALWAYS random u never kno what to expect from me<br />
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