• And if you're taking a walk through the garden of life
    What do you think you'd expect you would see?
    Just like a mirror reflecting the moves of your life
    And in the river reflections of meJust for a second a glimpse of my father I see
    And in a movement he beckons to me
    And in a moment the memories are all that remain
    And all the wounds are reopening again
    We're blood brothers,

    And as you look all around at the world in dismay
    What do you see, do you think we have learned
    Not if you're taking a look at the war torn affray
    Out in the streets where the babies are burned
    There are times when I feel I'm afraid for the world
    There are times I'm ashamed of us all
    When you're floating on all the emotion you feel
    And reflecting the good and the bad.
    Will we ever know what the answer to life really is?
    Can you really tell me what life is?
    Maybe all the things that you know that are precious to you
    Could be swept away by fate's own hand

    When you think that we've used all our chances
    And the chance to make everything right,
    Keep on making the same old mistakes
    Makes untipping the balance so easy
    When we're living our lives on the edge
    Say a prayer on the book of the dead