• Roses Bloom Where Love is Found 01/19/06
    By Devin Kruljac Truessence

    Rising Sun, morning day,
    Troubled hearts in disarray.

    Weakened by the days gone past,
    Foul fathom, die hard cast.

    Let Light shine on quarreled Love,
    Disperse the Darkness of thy Dove.

    Wings shall flutter under Air,
    Waves, like Water, through your hair.

    Gentle breeze against your cheek,
    Words of whisper on mountain peak.

    Distorted Dreams, please come anew,
    A deep and loving guidance true.

    Beyond the heavens, across the lake,
    Glistening Moon hast dost wake.

    Shimmering stars reflect your eyes,
    A comet’s tear from the skies.

    Spirit glide across the Earth,
    Making way to its Hearth.

    Calm of kiss upon your head,
    Reawaken three words have said.

    A Crystal Rose shall bloom once more,
    Its tranquil petals revise Love’s Lore.

    Tree of Heart, its roots grow deep,
    The Hole is filled, embraced complete.

    Passion of Fire, take up your tears,
    Smile of Love, kiss away your fears.

    Reaching out within thy hand,
    A seed shall grow in times of sand.

    Faithful flutter on Prayer’s Wing,
    Fallen Angels rise up and sing.

    Distance hard and mournful way,
    I travel far, for you I stay.

    Like the Wind, I come and go,
    To the Love I used to know.

    Before I burned within my Fire,
    My conflict climbing higher, higher.

    Then I fall in Water’s Dew,
    I drown and see tears of you.

    Earth, please bury me underground,
    Till Roses bloom where Love is found.