• I won´t let you ruin my stability
    I don´t let you shake with someone like me
    You don´t let so many things happen
    So I won´t let you say my name again

    Thank you for the seconds that we shared
    thank you for taking my breath
    Love you for the smiles
    Hate you for the nights
    Like the hapiness
    Regret the loneliness

    I´d wanted to meet you
    I didn´t wanted to know you
    Now I know all these things
    and I don´t want all these dreams

    I won´t think how taste your lips
    I would only get on my knees
    Don´t want to show you my weakness
    but I can feel the heaviness on my chest

    It feels like a heavy blow on the head
    It feels like a mess in my bed
    It seems that I screwed up again
    And it feels like a bad game