• I see the stars in the night.
    I breathe the air of their delight,
    with hearts beating and forever seeking.
    they go on never ceasing.

    The quiet is overbearing,
    for it is always scaring.
    That who roams at the night,
    to try and catch the sight,
    of the stars bringing their gift.
    To those who crave it's grand light

    why they come through the night.
    To try and catch the grand sight.
    They wish to seek their true wish,
    and it is at times it is only acquired
    at nights cape of secrets and myths.

    Some find their dreams.
    Some seek their own misery.
    There is evil and there is good.
    Among the nights shadows and the stars light.

    Also among this time and place are those who come with disgrace.
    They run from the truth in order to claim their once had time.

    Then last but not least are those who seek,
    their other half.
    The ones that need to have it,
    embrace the stars gift to reach it.
    True loves kiss.
    The night brings them closer so that no one,
    can fully experience their true bliss.