• I see my life through the morning mist of the woods.
    My heart beats as I move through the dirt.
    The fog flies over the lake like a bird flies in the break of day.
    The river flows softly as the fish swim by.
    The deep feeling of the Dawns warmth feels complete and safe.
    When the sun rays beat down.
    A deer runs by as I step on to the ground.
    The mist surrounds me as I walk through the wooded trees.
    I hear nothing but the wind as it blows through my hair.
    A cool breeze feels crisp and clean as I breathe.
    The birds awake full of sound.
    I see their shadows as they fly over me.
    The drips of the dew from the leaves drop like crystals.
    I feel refreshed and new, as I take a deep long breath from the air.
    That is the feeling of the Dawn’s Love.