• I slip and fall,
    But I'm not afraid,
    I know you will be there,
    I wait to land in your arms,
    But I forgot you no longer care.
    I land real hard,
    Hear the crack of my bones,
    The shatter of my heart,
    My skin it bleeds,
    My Flesh is shown,
    I'm totally torn apart.
    I look to the sky,
    From where I fell,
    To see you looking down,
    You reach out your hand,
    But it's just much too late,
    How can you not understand?
    My body it aches,
    My heart it feels weak,
    I feel nothing but the pain from my wounds,
    I close my eyes and wish for the end,
    The end, of this pain, to come soon.
    But nothing changes,
    You just walk away,
    And I'm left to bleed on my own,
    It's then I realise,
    my pain is not real,
    Just the pain of being alone.