• Everything's spinning,
    All things gone wrong.
    It seemed so close, yet
    It was the farthest it's ever been.
    But I knew...
    I knew it was out of my reach.

    In the wind I hear the voices
    Of times that may once have been.
    They died before they could even be seen.
    The flower falls to pieces by itself
    A single beauty inside a barren wasteland...
    But nobody ever saw it bloom, or fall.
    It's like it never existed at all.

    In the darkness surrounding me,
    I hear her once-innocent, but desperate plea.
    "Save me," it cries... But such things cannot be.
    It is sad. Happiness ends with love, and it is true.
    I see that now, and she does too.
    And she whispers in her last breaths things she wanted to say
    Before the cold wind of the night blows all her breaths away.