• Why can't I find you?
    Why must you play so much with me?
    Am I not good enough for you?
    Must you always shun or run away from me once I find you?
    I found you when I was younger, you left
    I found you again today but, will you stay just this once?
    Nothing is fair
    Nothing is going the way I would like it to
    You point the handle of a knife towards me and beg me to take it
    "Thrust it through your heart!" you coax me
    So many times I thought of your invitation
    But will you help me?
    Will you help me when I'm too close to hell
    Or will you leave me to bleed and fall into the inferno of the damned?
    Once in your life, will you embrace me?
    I want to feel your chest against mine
    Breathing in and out so lightly and your heart keeping a romantic beat
    You whisper something in my ear but I don't know what you say
    I'm too caught up in my dreams
    You bring me out of them when I suddenly feel your lips pressing against mine
    It's heaven! It has to be!
    The only thing keeping me here on Earth are your gentle strokes on my skin
    Up and down, around in small circles, then pressing me closer to you
    Already claiming my mouth as yours as you explore it with your tongue
    But then, you disappear with no fair warning
    Only tears are my answers
    Only the hand curling around the knife is what I see
    Only the cold metal through my heart is what I feel
    It hurts to even say your name
    It even hurts to say your name...