• The Wind
    Flits through the trees
    The animals all enjoy the breeze
    Picnicers in the shade
    Laughing and carrying on their on way

    A single cloud over head
    Not much about it was said

    The baby snores in her crib
    When all of a sudden there is a roar
    Families break all of sudden

    Duck for cover! Run and hide!
    The soon forget about the family inside
    The building collapses lives destroyed!
    All because of the roaring noise!

    Furniture thrown across the room!
    All of it spells certain doom!
    Is the family inside no more?

    They search the rubble
    Like they lost something desperate to retrive it
    They find the mom first dead a broken spine
    Then they father crushed beneath a block of lime
    The twins are no more
    The forklifts are what did them in

    The search for hours more
    No sign of baby not even a shoe or clothing
    No one even heard a squeak or snore
    Given up for thought all was gone
    Then it burst out like an angel song
    The cry of the little one safe at last
    She grows up knows nothing of her past