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    If life don't defeat me
    And i succeed
    Who will lie beneath me
    under my feet
    who will take my s**t, my tears and my dirt
    who will lie in the sweat from my shirt
    why must i suffer
    so that someone else can
    why don't they offer
    some peace in this land
    this land i call my own
    but it has been invaded
    by strange thoughts and force
    all suffacated
    i know the source
    the source is the dreaming
    i know the source
    the source is the screaming
    everything inside me is broken
    i don't know
    i guess it's a token
    well, just go
    Please, please, please i need this
    why don't you listen
    it's not a kiss
    why don't you listen

    underneath your darling eyes
    lies a coat of nothing but lies
    i can't tell
    you mess around with me, i'm under your spell
    Oh no, don't do it please
    look, i'm down on my knees
    you just don't get it do you
    that i wan't to feel it to?
    scars on my heart, what a cliche?
    but they are outside to, is all i can say
    when i can't see because i'm blinded
    i want you to help me find it
    but oh no, you will not