• Is our fate really out of our hands, or do we have more control than we should? Here is my own perspective:

    If it is, then everyone who knows me was impacted in some small way. Maybe when you mocked me, the rest of the day you felt so good that you were charitable. By laughing at me, maybe I lifted your spirits to prevent you from slitting your wrists, or take too many painkillers. When you helped me out, you felt confident enough to help you get a C instead of an F on the next test you took. As you saw people mocking me, maybe the natural born courage and leadership erupted into a full fury telling you to protect the next person you can.

    On the other hand, each meaningful meeting was nothing more than a mere coincidence. As you went out your merry way to mock me, you messed up your chance with the girl of your dreams, since she was close by. By laughing at me, you were less aware of the fact that someone just put a salamander in your pencil case. When you helped me out, you felt so over-confident that you didn't study for the test I aced and you just flunked. As you saw people mocking me, you walked up, joined in, and allowed yourself to get busted for harassment by the teacher you feel despised you.

    Some may wonder:"Which do I believe?"

    My answer: Neither one more than the other.

    Just something to chew on...