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You shadow is your persoal Stalker, but it will be your only friend when you have no one left.

Serah Cross
Community Member
Continuing the Nightmare.
i look around afraid as there fist start coming my way. what do i do..that only thing i can do.i start runing as they follow then villagers start coming as a alarm goes off hurting my ears making them ring. i continue to run my legs skinny but strong making it easy to get ahead. i run getting hit with a few rocks but not a impact as they try hiting me with sticks and spears.

"Your almost there.."said the voice.it came back bt i cant argue now i have to run. i just got to. a feild of wheat and long grass reveals itself to my unwilling eyes. i run through as they raging crowd start runing around trying to catch me.i run up a field but to my shock a man stood at the top as i hit him knpcking him down to the floor.i fall down rolling around the dirt staining my dress i had on. then i see my hair. it used to be a dir brown.but now..its white..like snow, no ice.
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whats happening to me.then i see a bright light as the man grabs me covering my eyes turning around as he shield more of the light.then suddenly i cant feel the ground.his hand letting go i see the clouds. were flying high up.

"Why were they after you...?"the man asked but then now he is a boy..no older than me. i answer at truthful as i can.but even my words sounded unfaithful.

"I dont know...things seem to take it toll on me.."what else could i say. i didnt even know what i am. but then that voice does. we soon land in a forest as he sets me down.

"Thank you sir...."i say looking around my first time seen the forest without runing.a cold breeze flows around as i see a shadow in the mist of the forest.

"No Problem..my name is Kyotsu...and you?"he asks as he sits down yawning. he looked so calm even when his life was about to be taken away in a few second.

"My name is many..but now i go by Kitty....or Sanin..."i reply siting down be a tree next to me. my head hurts. so many people i cant reconize....yet i still can recall times i dont understand. like a war..and my parents. where are they? oh no...where they there...did i do something..now i feel sleepy.ill just sleep right now.

.............in my dream.............
i see them..where right in fornt of me..but..why cant thay see me. no no.why are they screaming?who's that right there?...is that me?....oh no...dont..plz dont..wake up..just wake up...NOOOOO.................silence.....its quiet....why...its like its not there....then...its gone....im walking way...there they are.....dead...and blood everywhere...on me?..but why...oh my god....shes still alive..im against the wall..i look down...but i want to run..its the only thing i've done to save myself....she grabs my dress....no go awya..i cant bare to look..but my eyes cant close...its cold....i want to wake up.....its way to cold..
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[[to be continued!]]

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