• I see a girl
    Standing there
    With my outfit
    And my hair

    I copy her moves
    Every one
    So does my moon
    So does my sun

    Some say that
    I am her soul
    But I insist
    She is my goal

    To be free
    To move around
    To be able
    To make a sound

    No longer shall
    I move as such
    Is something I
    Wish for so much

    Do I hate her?
    Yes, I do.
    But then again,
    So would you.

    A puppet on
    A string am I
    Behind the mirror
    A silent sigh

    They say that if
    I copy right
    I can escape;
    I'll win the fight

    I'll be free
    To make a sound
    To breathe the air
    To touch the ground

    And when I'm free
    If you don't mind
    I'll find a mirror
    And I will find

    Another girl
    Who will be free
    But only if
    She copies me