• Wolfaboo: A person who is obsessed with wolves, think they are a wolf, and usually are fat and lazy. They love to live in the dark playing on the computer most of the whole day. Usually going on an 4:00A.m. - 3:00 A.m. the next day, never getting there bottom off of that chair. They get fat of lack of exercise and healthy foods. They wear stuff that has a wolf on it. They think Balto and Wolves rain are about 100% true wolf facts. (Which Balto is really about a real hero dog http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balto_%28film%29) They eat only meat because wolves mostly eat meat. They have lame excuses, along with very horrible grammar. Example: WULFS ARE THU BEST!!1!!11!11!111111!!111!! THEY LIV EN U FAMALY AND CAR 4 ECH OTHR!!1!1111!11

    Here is some species wolfaboos:

    The normal wolfaboo: As shown above.

    The YouTube wolfaboo: They have videos of wolves that are titled, Save the wolves, or such. They comment on wolf related videos only!

    The troll wolfaboo: They have more excuses than any other wolfaboo. They cuss allot They make wolf threats, Example: YU A WOOLF HAITR!!!!11!11!1 IE HOP YOU WIL GET ETEN BI WULFS!!!111!111

    Here is a few types of anti-wolfaboo:

    They are people that hate wolfaboos. They are tired of there actions. They are trying to tell them the truth. But the wolfaboo will use its lame excuses. Most of them are sane wolf fans, others are just tired of the "BAWWWING" wolfaboos do.

    Sane wolf fans: They just love wolves, not obsessed. They draw wolves as that have mostly natural colors. They can draw there wolves with hair or some accessories.

    Some anti-wolfaboos, called Overpowered Anti-Wolfaboos, call anyone that loves or just likes wolves wolfaboos.

    I hope you liked the wolfaboo guide! Part 2 coming soon!