• "are you ever going to sleep in the bed? i know i only hav one but its rude to make your guest sleep on the floor." i said

    "true but im not a guest. i moved in officially last week." she replied

    "yeah because the king was tired of a house being burned down every few months." i told her

    " ill make you a deal caleb. if you sleep in the your bed with me then ill quit working at the tavern. i know how much you hate it." she stated knowwing i would agree.

    "fine but what will yo do with your days?" i asked her.

    "well i could always stay home and mind the house." she said

    "you hate that" i replied.
    "yes but i like sleeping in your arms more." she reminded me and to be honest i liked having her in my arms.

    "ok you win. ill sleep in the bed with you." i said

    "YAY!" she exclaimed as she hugged me tightly