• There are a lot of different views on life, people believing different ideas and
    of course life can be defined in many different ways, a beginning, an end, a progression, but what is life really? A story.
    This then, is what I feel would be a good place to start.
    A child being born, living life and death
    A ship, thriving then defeat, so many ways a life can be defined, animate or inanimate, yet all the same.
    The beginning, the ship’s birth, thick wood being brought together with solid nails, the glimmer of their metal structure as the mid-day sun catches the angles of the wood.
    What is it that defines it as its own? They way it’s made?, the sails all different? Or the crew aboard the large vessel? their eagerness and gleeful excitement prevailing as the ships life is soon to begin.
    Much like the nurtured soil or the bustling hospital, the docks, storehouse where the ships structure is brought together forms the stronghold for the brand new boat, every single man and woman providing their input into the impressive construction.
    As soon as the ships life it built up, it is sent out into the world, the thick walls of the safe harbour parting to reveal the choppy ominous ocean lapping gently at the elegant wooden exterior of the ship, its exodus from the harbour into the world was a significant departure, the first time the ships composition was to be tested, weaned into the harsh sea, passing through the gates of the harbour wall like a key in a lock as the portentous sea reveals itself. The sails of the ship fall open half way, catching the breezy wind in order to push the ship onwards, allowing the ease of it’s progression into the sea.
    Following this phase of birth, the ship pushes onwards into the vast open waters, making its way northwards in order to find its footing. It rocks softly back and forth, setting its pace as it continues onwards. This is the beginning of its physical journey, the journey in which it sets out its own paths, makes decisions for better and for worse.
    The crew aboard this hearty ship sing joyously as it progresses through the calm waves, the bight sun above shining down to hit their faces. It is a good day, the journey set out before the crew looks towards greatness.
    As the ship begins to find its pace, it holds itself well, the structure casting an ominous reflection on the deep waters, leaving its mark as the fluid gushes behind the steadily charging vessel. The sun descends, glistening stars gleaming in the dark nights sky, but the ship continues onwards, the crew working to keep the ship going.
    A muffled array of whispering can be heard from the crew of the support ships steadily gliding in the larger ships midst, assuring its first few steps into the large ocean are as smooth as possible. These soon leave. The ship now on its own, left to make its own decisions although it glides across the water with ease.
    Although this ship is not as large as others, it makes up for it in its speed and grace, after all, sometimes the large size of the other ships works in the smaller ships advantage. They are slower.
    I guess as always, there must be a twist in this pleasant story, what life is complete without a few hiccups? To teach lessons, to reprimand and to learn more about oneself, you must make mistakes, and sure enough this ship made mistakes.
    Much like in life there was a point for this ship where it felt so alone, the apparent never ending strife and forlorn feeling as the crew soon realize they must work for what they want. Although this phase lasts not long, for it is soon replaced by that belligerent feeling, like it must battle for its place, you know the mood, I’m sure.

    Sharp detonations can be heard from a nearby ship, the cataclysmic blow of their cannons blistering through the wooden exterior as it splinters in all directions. Resistance from our vessel was weak, as it was bound to be. But it was to learn.
    The larger ship sat back and revelled in its apparent victory, although this was not the end of this battle, the smaller ship fought back, giving its all, its cannons loaded and the crew fighting back bravely.
    This battle lasted long through the night, both valiant ships fighting long and hard for their victories. The small ship was tougher than expected, its nimble structure gliding easily around the larger ship, fast and full of grace, something which the large ship was not.
    This was the reason for our little ships victory, its first victory, although not its last. The conceited arrogance of the larger ship cost it its pride and glory as it was defeated.

    Winning this fight was significant in order for the small ship to progress onwards on its journey, It salvaged the ship, taking what it felt necessary and leaving the rest.

    Unfortunately ‘small hiccup’ may have been an understatement; the ships own crew was to turn, mutiny and civil war broke out amongst the crew, the battle with itself much harder than that of the other ship.
    Although ignorance may have been its downfall, the composition of the crew soon pulled together again, the previous win was enough to equip the ship with all It needed, a new look, arrogance somewhat apparent through this. It stormed through the sea on its high horse as it strived for self improvement.
    Trade begins, our fruitful ship now successful in many battles, feared by many, respected by some, loved by few.
    It salvages whatever it can, selling them at a fair price to eager ships, trading with larger ships in order for improvement. Profit was apparent, easily acquired as the ship went up in ranks. Along its life it had watched many ships fall due to battle or merely falling apart naturally as all must do at some point.
    This is how we come to the unfortunate end of this story. Of course like the lives of the friend of foe of our dear ship, its life must also end. It’s weakened structure old and withered. The exterior was to fall apart, its sails weakened as water began to gush into the hold. Unable to save the structure of the ship, the crew abandoned, all but the captain who as any respectable man would, went down with his ship, both himself and his ship falling to a watery grave.

    So this is where the story ends, unfortunate, you may think, that it has to end this way but take note of my words for as grave as it may seem, the story of this ship represents life. So take advantage of it, live to the full, do not throw it away with silly mistakes, there is no simple way to make it, nothing but hard work, as the crew of this ship found out.

    And thus we set of, each of us conversing, laughing and bonding, life experiences and interesting facts being shared. Friendships and foes were to be made.