• I find this statement to bring about morals that exemplify self-righteousness and narcissism. To consider your life being worthless is not true before considering how other people think of you. In a way, this plays a roll on It's a Wonderful Life. Your life affects other people, and whether or not it is unexamined, your life is still worth living, for others. There is seldom a person that does not affect the world or a few people in it, and those that apply to this, are usually aware of it.

    Suppose I were to remain with my life unexamined. I have never analyzed my purpose for being, why I'm here, should I not live? Is my life not worth it, despite the amount of friends and family that love me? If we do not find solace in life, look for it in others. The effects on people are mutual. My best friend and I have equally affected each others' lives, and whether or not we live life unexamined, lasting effects remain.

    This is why "the unexamined life is not worth living" may not be true, but the life that doesn't contribute, is not worth living. What are you doing in this world that will leave an effect? What is your legacy? It is what we do with our life to contribute to the world that is important. We must consider what we've done with our lives and see that is was worth it, to ourselves, and to those within it. People must take initiative to use their personal influence to positively affect others. Do not isolate yourself, that is you making your life useless. To live is a gift, use it well.