• Character Analysis of Doon
    One of the main characters in Jeanne Duprau’s novel, City of Ember is Doon, who live in Ember. The problem he faces is that his city is dying and there is no exit. During the course of the story, he finds a way out. He is serious, determined, and gets angry when things go wrong.
    Doon is determined to do what is needed of him. He tries again and again to do impossible things like lighting a candle in a raging current until he succeeds. He also makes others angry by trying to do good. This shows that Doon is not to do things that might be difficult. This is important because most people would’ve run if they faced an obstacle like that. Furthermore, Doon has a sense of what’s got to get done.
    Doon never stops working to take a break. He never lets minor things like gossip or rest get in the way of important things. He also never stops to play after his daily share is done. This shows that he strives to continue and doesn’t put progress on standby. This is important because if he stopped for just one second he would have never found the E in the rock. But then again, if stakes are high, he can’t have fun.
    Doon gets angry when things go wrong and people act as if there is nothing happening. He yells out loud and gets into trouble a lot for it. He gets mad and does things he doesn’t mean to do, such as lose a friend. This shows that he doesn’t have much control of himself. This is important because no one was brave enough to get it through the mayor’s thick head that Ember was dying. Nevertheless, he gets strange looks more than large applauses.
    Overall, Doon is serious 24/7 when there is a job to do. He will be the one awake at night still working on a puzzle. He’s also the one who destroys the puzzle when he finds he did it inverted. Finally Doon also finds the secret to it lying on the ground. This is what makes him succeed.