• Well I have proved that I actually did a scientific experiment on my body. However I was sure I tested it one million times. On behalf of the the knowledge that I can't drink chamomile tea because I have hives from it. Lasted my body can't digest garlic. So that's why I cannot eat garlic. It well quickly through my system. So I told my father that the food or drink I can't eat.

    He didn't believe me. I have to be very careful with the food. And I read the labels on the salad dressing to make sure there's no garlic in there. After a while I felt like the vampire. Well besides I figured something is not right with my own body. Not because I don't like garlic. The smell doesn't bother me. The fact I can give that I never go to the doctor unless I got stitches.

    Well I didn't even get a blood test. So I could figured that out with something that is true. So my body can't handle the garlic. So I figured something was completely wrong. My own self explanatory I know this doesn't make any sense to my own father. Well he doesn't eat bread because it makes his stomach hurt. Well I do understand him. So I fully figured there other ways. Well I could denied myself to open doors.

    My own self is meaningless without the garlic. So if I should have told something was wrong. Well now I am learning so much knowledge about being chemomile tea and garlic free. Sometimes now I do understand my body. Well I did science experiment on salsa on nachos. Now I do learned that I can't eat salsa because there's garlic in it. So I figured things out.

    I figured that there's a reasons that other people's bodies were different systems. I actually heard some people have common can't eat sugar, bread, and nuts and seeds. Especially seafood. I am not mocking people about the food. I have difficulty to advoid the garlic. Just one garlic clove. Well I love garlic and my body hates it. Now I learnt that there are things are life.

    Well here are the pros and cons of not having garlic at all. So this is other people say about me.
    Pro: i don't have garlic breath after eatting your lunch or supper. Con: people think that I am the vampire.Pro: I could eat anything that doesn't have any garlic. Con: my father don't believe me. Pro: I tested countless science experiments on my self to garlic. Con: my father still doesn't believe me.