• They said everyone has their own happiness and it’s up to them how to find it. It seems like its true, but the happiness I’ve been searching for was lost in a glance. And I know I can never bring it back.

    I was once engaged to the person I loved. He was already my boyfriend for two years when he proposed to me and of course, I answered yes. We were the exact replica of a couple in love yet many were against our love.

    When my parents found out that we were already engaged, they got furious. They were against our engagement for they don’t like his financial status, being a middle class and all, and because they had already chosen the perfect husband for me.

    After knowing that they were determined on parting us, we decided to leave everything behind and find other place where people don’t know us. But my parents heard about this thus making them guard me 24 hours a day. They also warned me that if I will still continue my relationship with him, he will suffer.

    Realizing the danger I had brought to him and his family, I had no choice but to do what they wanted me to do, to marry off someone I don’t even know.

    Yeah, I married a complete stranger. A stranger I only met on the aisle. And since he wasn’t the one I dreamed of marrying, I cried very hard while walking in the aisle. Visitors may have thought it was because of happiness, but for me, it was because of complete sadness.

    And two months had pass since I’ve married another and never heard a word from the person I love. My husband and I never had a happy moment with each other. Cause our day always starts and ends with an argue. I guess complete strangers can never be happy together.

    He must have realized that our marriage is doom that’s why he left me. Yes, he was the one who left me and yet I never felt any sadness from it. What I felt was the exact opposite, I felt very happy.

    Happy because I finally had the chance of being with the one I love again. Happy because I know this time, I will be happy forever. That’s why after I’ve known about my husband leaving me, I quickly dialed his number and called him.

    But it wasn’t him who answered his telephone. It was a girl. And then tears started to fall from my eyes as that person talked. She just told me heartbreaking news thus making me let go of my hold on the telephone and sobbed like I’ve never done before. Now I’ve known, I can never have him again.

    Ever since I’ve found out that frustrating truth, I started weeping every night. My parents always visit me, regretting all that they’ve done which greatly affected my life. But I never accepted their apologies, why? Because they’re the main reason of my pain, the main reason of this hurt I’m feeling. They’re the reason why I’ve lost him.

    Lost him, not to another. But to the heavens up above. Yeah, he’s already dead. According to the girl I talked to, he was devastated upon knowing that I married someone else. He lost the direction of his life and started drinking liquors every night in different clubs. He had done it for almost 2 weeks until an accident befallen into him. He was driving his car drunk when he lost the wheel in a curved way thus making him fall into the pit and he was already dead when rescuers came.

    Isn't my love story a tragic? knowing that...

    I was once engaged with the person i loved
    But i married someone else
    And now i'm all alone
    Cause the person i i married, LEFT me
    and the one i was engaged to,

    DIED... :'(