• Sat Dec 12, 2009 09:49 AM
    Was when you left me....
    Almost Christmas, when I needed you most, for your comfort.
    Nearly killed me, I will never forget that. You hurt my soul, as well as my sisters. </3
    You crushed my dreams with you, my future. I would scream, yell, punch, scratch, bite, you but that would be worthless. I know you did it, hopefully out of a good reason. I know you didn't mean to, but I just want to tell you something.
    I will always remember you,need you, cry for you, scream your name, call out to you, but most importantly love you. <3 You made me happy, you brought my spirit up when I was down. I loved you, and to this day still do.
    I wish you would be there still to make me happy again. I want to be there, with you. Hopefully one day you will show up at my door step and wait for me to hug you. But I know that wont ever happen.
    Luis I love you no matter what, I will miss and remember you for the rest of my life. <3
    Dont forget me either. :/

    *Amanda Galindo. <3