• The leaves rustled as the wind blew with a gentle push. Youkai sat down on a bench under the tree he currently sat under. His green eyes stared down at a peice of paper he held for the past three years ago. It's sides were crumpled up and the pencil marks on the paper were smudged but still readable. His fingers laced around his soft brownish-red locks and he looked up from the peice of paper to watch cars pass by and leaves dancing in the wind.
    'Will I see you again?'

    'Of course! I'm always with you.. Remember that, Nii-chan..'

    "What's with the pain face, Youkai..?" The teen was ripped from his mind and he stared up at a boy about his age in his black school uniform. His short black hair leaned more to the right side covering one of his blue eyes. Youkai stood back up, fixing the backpack that hung on his shoulder, "I'm just thinking, Ruru.." The boy glared at him with his one eye, "How many times do I have to keep telling you to not call me by that nickname, its Rushin!" A smile appeared on youkai's face and he punched his shoulder lightly, "you have to admit though, its kinda cute when your mom says it." "Shut up, Youkai!" Rushin smacked him on the back off the head. The two boys chatted alittle longer before heading off to school.
    Students crowded everywhere in their own category groups. Unlike them, Youkai and Rushin were the only ones that run around like out casters. They didn't really count on what they liked or who they should make friends with or hate. Youkai set his bag down behind his seat and leaned up against the wall. His hand rustled with the peice of paper in his pocket.
    'Why do I only get to see you on full moons?'

    'Well... thats when your shadow is alive.. I'm set free for that amount of time.'

    'But... Why are you my shadow?'

    'I'm your other half... I'm you.'

    'But you look different than me..'

    'Silly Nii-chan, I don't have to look like you.'

    A sudden pain shot through Youkai's head when someone smacked his forehead, "Stop making that face, it ticks me off!" Youkai rubbed the sore on his forehead, chuckling, "I'm sorry." "Whatever, your such an airhead.." Rushin sat down on top of his desk and placed at peice of candy in his mouth, "what was that peice of paper you were holding earlier?" Youkai glanced up at his friend than looked back down, "My brother gave it to me.." "Akai...." Rushin became silent. He knew of Youkai;s younger brother but he hasen't heard anything else for the last past 3 years.