• I'm on the cold ground, seeing grayish color everywhere. I hear screaming and shrieking. I curled up in a ball. Holding tears in but couldn't. Trying to get up, trying to control my shaking legs, yet, dropping down on the ground again. I glanced around, feeling so dizzy and with cold tears running down on my cheeks. Feeling your soft, warm hand on my right shoulder. I couldn't resist. I crawled quietly on the floor trying to reach to my room. My stomach is feeling brutal. I kept going and gently got on my bed facing the ceiling. I'm suffering and terrified, it's because of you. I screamed on top of my lungs and banged on the wall, breaking fragile things. What's left was a old enjoyable picture of you and I. I stared at it and glanced around the room. Everywhere was filled with broken pieces of glass, ripped up pictures, dented walls and scars on my hand. " What's happening . . . ? " , I looked revolting. I calmed down and picked up the frame picture carefully not to break it. I hugged the frame picture on my chest and closed my eyes, whispering something. " I Love You "

    ~ Franny.
    Made By Me.No copying.