• So it starts...
    Second afer second, Minute after minute, Hour after hour, Day after day, and Year after year.
    Everything changes and many things become different, but when you look back everything is different. A few words can change your life, your career, and how people see you. So don't blame others except for yourself. mrgreen Try to be yourself not someone else. mrgreen
    As life goes on, everything continues. Sometimes there are doubts, rages, sadness, fear, anger, and pain but it all counts. It doesnt matter about friends. You dont want to talk to people you think are your friend. You want to talk to people who think you are someone different. Dont choose you friends, let your friends choose you.

    I got more to do with my life. So I will go do what I have to do with my life. Bye!
    xd xd xd